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Painter Scott Gieske

Special issue of JaamZIN Creative magazine is available on ISSUU.

"I constantly feel like most humans try to control the uncontrollable. To counter this notion with my art, I began getting input directly from nature. I leverage the natural world to influence and create beautiful images. I do not control the formation, just like we do not really control life. I started sending sheets of paper into the heart of nature, leaving them to the wind, the streams, and the forests. I left them in the natural environment for extended periods of time, letting mother nature imprint upon them what she would. The interplay between color and texture, creates intriguing and indescribable ambiances. The aesthetic production of nature oriented in such a way, proved to be something fascinating, a finesse of refined compositions evoking feelings of harmony, motion and nature itself. For some of the collage pieces, the final step is to take the paper out of the natural environment and bring the image into Photoshop to create the final composition."

Scott Gieske is a new artist in the Boston area. We have conducted a short interview with him in The Crazy Mind magazine.

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