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It Began With A Ripple: They say every tidal wave begins with a ripple and when I think of momentous occasions in my life most did start with something small and seemingly insignificant. Perhaps it’s nature’s way to allow us to acclimatize to change but sometimes I wish I could have just stayed and bobbed around in those ripples for longer.

Trisha Lambi is an award winning artist known for her bold and lavish oil paintings.She has exhibited widely in Australia and internationally. Highlights of her career include her selection to represent Australia at the 2006 and 2007 Guangzhou Art Fair in China and her selection as a finalist in the 2012 Art Taipei International Competition. She was a Zone winner in the London Olympics 2012 Art Show and was selected as one of the Best Picks for Painting in the 2013 Dubai International Emerging Artist Award. In 2017 she was selected to exhibit in Underbelly, a group show curated by Dab Art at H Gallery in Ventura California and was a finalist in the 2018 Artbox Project New York and the 2019 Art Lovers Prize.

Dreams Grow Wild: Old world charm and romance abound in this piece inspired by roses from my garden. My daughter models for me so a lot of love goes into my figurative painting.

In 2018 she completed her first Artist Residency which involved painting a mural in the streets of Lakkos, the historic old town of Heraklion, Crete.

A time lapse video of the process can be seen here:

2019 saw three of her artworks being featured in the TV series The Block (see one of the room reveals at​ ) as well as undertaking a residency in the beautiful French village of Fontaine-Daniel 

She has been described as an artist to look out for as her works continues to deliver a fresh perspective on contemporary oil painting. Trisha Lambi's studio is in Karalee, overlooking the Brisbane River and is an easy 40 minute drive west of Brisbane City. 

Wistful Dreaming: I have recently returned from an artist residency at Artspace Gîtes in the village of Fontaine-Daniel in Mayenne, France. I spent a week there but oh how I wish I’d stayed longer, such was the inspiration I gained from this beautiful village and the residency. I was at a crossroads with my figurative painting and went to France seeking inspiration for a new body of work. Not only am I now overflowing with ideas for a figurative series based on the interior of the Artspace Gîte (and the beautiful light which flowed into the space) but I am bursting with inspiration for a new series of landscapes based on scenery within and surrounding the village. Fontaine-Daniel has a luminous quality I’ve not seen before and a very special relationship with the trees which surround it. This painting is the first created from photo shoots conducted within the village and reflects the dreamy light which greeted me every day.

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