Photographer Anthez Anthez

Multidisciplinary and frenchy artist, committed above all to communicate on a more direct level than the intellect. Music was the most obvious vector (I start playing guitar from my birth, at fifteen); then poetry, the art of verbalizing the inexpressible.

Sometimes to personalize a picture I allow myself slight editing, as here, with this red sky often seen in dreams. A mother and her child, what better symbol of love and self-giving? Add a phaser effect to it and you get my rock’n roll trinity.

It took me a long time and many experiments to find my way in photography; how to imbue my images with that unreal tone, that intimate strangeness that is my own distortion.

Night, reflections, saturated colors, all this favor this visual psychedelism. The title is a tribute to a song by my favorite music idol: Jimi Hendrix. Who knew so well how to melt psychedelism and emotional depth to forge a powerful rock, accessible to all.

In the waters of introspection bathes images that are a mixture of my fears and iconography, often religious, corresponding to my culture.

Another kind of icon here. Being more inclined towards spiritual freedom than pure Catholicism or traditional religions, I recognize here an "artist of spirituality", an awakened consciousness, framed in spite of himself by the the dizzying weight of an institution.

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