Photographer Caroline Chollet

Handles - Model : Charlotte Derks. I like when an element of my photos become at the same time familiar and absurd.

I am a self-taught French multi-disciplinary artist and photographer.

I discovered photography studying illustration, graphic design and painting in Lyon art schools. Inspired by alternative culture and feminist militancy I began my work by making roller derby'sports photos depicting powerful women and sisterhood.

Shadows of nature - Model : Camille Vandoorsselaere. Urban exploration. The city and urban architecture and their relationship with the model are an important part of my work.

My universe is influenced by fashion photography, architecture and pop culture. Through their codes I express the unease and fragility of my models. I currently create videos and photo shoots for theaters and artists.

Two cushions portrait - Model : Charlotte Derks. The loss of space markers is something I cultivate in my portraits. Is she lying or sitting ? The space is upside down.

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