Photographer Charis Fodelianakis

I’m Charis Fodelianakis, I’m 30 years old and I was born and raised in Rethymno, a small but still quaint city on the greek island of Crete. Ever since I was a little boy, I was always fascinated by the natural phenomena and how do these work. From simple questions like what are the thunders in the sky and what made them shine to the unsolved mysteries of the Universe. How it came into being? Is it really ends? Is God responsible for all of this?

The way you look - Nikon D3300, Nikkor 50mm 1.8f lens Photo of a friend of mine with which we spent most of our childhood together. At that time we had the need to do sillies and try to forget in a very unpleasant period of her life. Some really nice portraits came up from that day, even though, I can still see the sadness of that period in her eyes.

Growing up, I decided to study Physics at the University of Heraklion in order to give some answers to my endless questions but also feed the beast inside me that starved for knowledge. It didn't take me long though before Irealise that the more I studied about the Universe the less close I get to it. For me, these kind of challenges are what make that profession so rewarding and intriguing at the same time. Today I work as a physics and chemistry Professor to a prep school trying to impart my love for science to young people and also help them fulfil their own dreams and goals. As for my goals, through the years I found new passages to understand the world, discover new ones and eventually discover myself. And one of them is through photography.

Like oceans depth - Nikon D3300, Nikkor 50mm 1.8f lens After a few trials, i noticed that my spoiled, by a fungus, vegetable looked exactly like the bottom of the sea in a micro shot. The occasion was the theme ‘decay’ in the Flickr’s group macroMondays in which every Monday I try to participate and take impressive photos.

When I’m looking at someone’s eyes, i don’t see a beautiful or an ugly face. I can see its possibilities to produce an inspiring, memorable image that will convey real meaning and emotion. Thats why Portraits fascinates me that much! Because human beings are vulnerable creatures. It requires a lot of interaction, on my part as a photographer, with an unknown subject that I can’t control but can only try to understand its inner being on that particular day, that particular moment and work with it while trying to create something beautiful with my camera.If photography is the art of telling a story, then i’m a storyteller. I do believe to the power of images, especially those that we haven’t taken yet.

Silent City - Nikon D3300, Nikkor 50mm 1.8f lens A warm autumn Sunday night, most quiet after a long period of tourism in my city of Rethymnon. I appreciate again its beauty and its small size.

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