Photographer Christoph Adams

One of my favorite photos. Actually it was a coincidence as I just wanted to capture the silhouette of the hill and didn't pay attention to the couple walking in. Which makes it special though.

I am located in south-west Germany and kind of rediscovered photography as a hobby quite recently. Though I have been interested in photography for many years, just one year ago I started to approach it more seriously. I primarily use a digital mirrorless Olympus OM-D camera with several prime and zoom lenses and more recently started to use and experiment with an old analog Minolta SLR camera. 

This picture is the result of a multiexposure experiment using the analog Minolta XD7. It is made up of 12 exposures at 1/500s and self-developed.

Most of the time I prefer taking black&white photos. I especially like minimalistic, abstract, high contrast scenes or unusual perspectives of urban elements. Furthermore to working analog I am trying out self-developing b&w films.

This was captured at the interactive art exhibition "Olympus Perspective Playground 2017" in Berlin. It shows the ceiling with colour reflections from the art installation "Our Colour Reflection" by Liz West.

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