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Photographer Craig Scoffone

Diversity in style is something that San Francisco Bay Area photographer Craig Scoffone has a great abundance. Looking at the work of this photographic artist's work, you could easily assume it could be the works of different photographers, the range is that expansive.

" I like to create different ways to manipulate and create my images, it keeps me interested in the continuation of my work ", Craig says.

" When I’m out on a hike, always with my camera, what compels me to photograph a composition, is balance. An easily recognized interplay of contrasts, of shapes, textures and tones. A scene ready for recording with my camera has achieved a sense of balance that keeps the viewer’s eye squarely within the frame of the finished piece. Not to disappoint, but there is no intellectual angst or emotional turmoil that drives my art, or my need to create it. I just enjoy the beauty of the outdoors very much, and recording it in an artful and creative way brings me great pleasure " ads Craig.

On the subject of Craig's works with the figure, the artist observes

" I've found the female nude to be an outstanding photographic theme to create with, since I first started creating photographic art many years ago. My compositional style, I would have to say, is more sculptural and design oriented, than, say, portraiture. I like to work with the simple shapes of the human form, and as a common denominator, go off and use different techniques, both in camera, and in post production. The variation, of pose, of body type, of camera perspective, lighting, composition, and setting, creates so many fantastic variations, that the creative challenge is always there. Sometimes, I think of myself as a landscape photographer, interpreting the female form, because I often create compositions and perspectives just like when I shoot horizons or trees - it works for both themes. But then other times, my work ends up looking more like ' pop art ', using stark contrasts and bright colors. And sometimes, soft, painterly, and dreamlike, are also favorite techniques I like to employ. It creates a very versatile and diverse body of work ".

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