Photographer George Appletree

Nail it. This is a digital photograph taken during Paris Photo 2017. The famous photograph by Guy Bourdin was on the show and I got the candid moment.

Born in Spain, I adopted my artist name and live now in the south of Portugal.

I'm a self taught independent photographer educated as a Naval  Architect.  Since the 90´s I've been taking photographs into several directions, for later focusing towards street photography, and at the end practising my own style, which includes analog, digital, pinhole and alternative photographs.

Though  some, departing from photography, want to embrace fiction thanks to technology, I rather keep attached to the real and believe the process doesn't make the style. If I would have to choose a photograph from all times would probably be this one

A small part of my work can be seen in ; if interested in some particular work, please contact me through. From there, you can access to where some of my works are for sale.

Another story. I took this photograph in Lisbon with a film camera not long time ago. I like the structure, and, if aspiring to be Strand this would be perhaps my closest approach

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