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Photographer Jasa Melendez

I am from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mex. I've been taking pictures for more than three years. Photography for me is a way of venting my feelings in something visual. To transmit the way I see things, showing that beauty is everywhere, even in the simplest places. My phrase to describe the photograph is, "Capture the essence of the inevitable". I think that through images we can transmit joy, sadness or melancholy, and that is what I seek to do with each shot, which when seeing my photos produce emotions.

Reflection of the Soul

The distortion that light creates through water represents the division of the human essence, reflection of the essence that nobody knows about us.

The incredible life of loneliness.

When you learn to live in solitude, you receive solitude as the rays of light that filter through the canvas, taking it in a cozy way, and when you try to get out of it it is more difficult, bcause of the comfort you have with that.

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