Photographer Kathy Piper

We moved to Spokane from Chicago fourteen years ago. We were seeking a quieter, slower, lovelier area and we found such an abundance of beauty, so wonderful for a pair of photographers! I’m a retired programmer, so no stranger to computers. In fact, I find post-processing to be even more fun than capturing the image in the first place!

Field of (my) Dreams: The sunflower fields just north of Spokane provide local photographers with wonderful opportunities to capture "floral sunshine". Pine trees and hills make a fine backdrop to show off these fields.

Many traditional photographers prefer to produce images that look exactly like they did through the lens. Not me! I want that illustrated, detailed, colorful look. I like to use Photoshop and Topaz filters to transform what may at first be a ho-hum photographic image into a more artistic, painterly and colorful image. I also often use HDR effects to achieve what I’m looking for.

Downtown Spokane at Night: A river runs through it--downtown Spokane, that is. And the river has a series of water falls that take on a magical quality at night.

I volunteer at our local animal shelter, taking pictures of adoptable pets in the hope that will help find them homes. I also volunteer at my church to create their pictorial directory. I recently did my first fashion show shoot. That was fun, but a ton of work! Taking photos for others is stressful; much more fun when I am my only judge LOL!

Riding Around (and around and around…): The annual Spokane County Fair brings lots of fun rides, games, and displays for all ages. I love to go there at night to photograph the bright arrays of lights and action.

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