Photographer Mauriliers Schoenmaekers

Winter sun on my skin. Your warm eyes and soft skin. The air full of spring.

Mauriliers Schoenmaekers is a photographer, Poet living in the south of the Netherlands. Mauriliers is graduating this year at the art academy in Maasmechelen. As a final exam work, Mauriliers has made the photobook “Dwaaldromen” with photo’s and poems. (ISBN: 978-90-8666-468-9)

The clouds are blowing through my head. Reach me your hand and feel the emptiness that blows all my feelings away.

He is trying to create a dream world in pitures and words. Take the viewers in his dream world. Most of the pictures are made in black and white. See the world in black and white. A colored world. Learning every day. An open view. With the child in my eyes. Or a stupid poet.

When dreams and reality fade. I step out of my own world and take your hand.

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