Photographer Reisinger Zsuzsanna

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Innocence: Polaroid picture was taken with a polaroid land camera.

Reisinger Zsuzsanna is a self-taught photographer living in Budapest, Hungary. For her, photography especially portraits is a kind of time travel into which she wants to involve the viewers. She loves to make experiments and learn alternative photographic processes as an autodidact. She already made cyanotypes, lumen prints, polaroids, lith prints, but she is ready to learn other historical processes too.

Orange dream: Portrait on old photographic paper. Alternative process called lumen print.

Using mostly vintage cameras, her technique, and the hand made accessories give a vintage or rather a nostalgic feeling and appearance which characterizes her photos. Her work has been featured in online magazines, and artist community networks as NdMagazine, Worbz, Artlimited, Dark Beauty Magazine. You can find her work online at Art UpFront Gallery in the Nedherlands.

Blooming: Scanned original polaroid picture taken with an old polaroid land camera.


Printed catalogue called Exploring the roots Exposed

The FIX Analogue Photography Magazine ISSUE 3

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