Photographer Sébastien Burgeat

I'm a 38 years old music composer and photographer. Those both disciplines serve my sensitivity and help me expressing myself. I've been shooting the world outside for about 5 years now.

The dungeon of candyfloss Let's have a walk and pass through this old portal . This path leads to the dungeon of candyfloss. Discover its garden made of candyfloss trees but beware of the witch that lives in there ! Shot with IR590nm Modified EOS 5D MKII - Ef 17-40 mm f/4

Like many photographers, i like to go out, and sometimes travel, feel the world and capture it whenever it inspires me. It can be portraits, animals, nature, buildings ... I also like to promote the area where i live and to change my everyday sights in something more magical, more mystical. To make feel what i felt or imagined.

Near vaulx-vraucourt . A simple road, strong lines, straight horizon ... This peaceful place in North of france, near the village of Vaulx-vraucourt, was the theater of great fights during WW1. It's red-blood sky remembers it. Shot with EOS 5D MKII - Samyang 14 mm f/2.8

My best tries to "change the reality" were fully achieved when i discovered Infrared Photography. I'm a great fan of the 590nm length, because it brings a wonderful goldy color to tree, and then lets me tweak colors to some flashy pink if i feel like to.

Public Jungle Take a public garden (in Cambrai, France) with a small lake and try to turn it into a urban goldy jungle. Mystical and adventurous ! Shot with IR590nm Modified EOS 5D MKII - Ef 17-40 mm f/4

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