Photographer Sarosh Hussain

Teesta River, Bangladesh | Pumpkins Against Poverty. A young couple in the Rangpur district of Bangladesh participate in the Pumpkins Against Poverty. “The Pumpkins Against Poverty project is training 50,000 Bangladesh’s with no land of their own to grow up to 600 pumpkins a year. With the extra income they earn, they can send their children to school, buy livestock and create a more secure future.”

Sarosh Hussain has a background in International Development, Strategic Communications and Cinematography (film and digital). His ability to use the viewfinder to capture moments of humanity, humility and reality lend to how we understand each other.

Kampala, Uganda | Saving Water for Food. A young woman in Kampala, Uganda participates in the Saving Water for Food program (SWFF). “A billion people don’t have enough to eat. SWFF sources and accelerates innovations that enable the production of more food with less water and or/make more water available.”

The goal for Mr. Hussain has always been to produce imagery and motion picture that encourages critical thought, reflection and empathy.

Dak Lak Province, Vietnam | Cacao Farm. Brother and sister sit on the house steps awaiting their mother to complete the cacao harvest. Cacao is the primary ingredient to produce chocolate. Let’s see if these kids follow in their mothers’ footsteps.

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