Street photographer Laurence Bouchard

This was shot in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. The photo shows a taxi driver waiting with white neon reflected in his window.

Laurence Bouchard is a Tokyo based street photographer from the U.K.  He moved to Tokyo in 2009 and this sparked his interest in photography.  Initially he was using just his iPhone for photography and this led to Apple selecting him to represent Tokyo for their ‘Shot on iPhone 7’ campaign in 2017.  

This photo was shot outside TV Asahi in Roppongi, Tokyo and features a woman jogging past a bright neon wall with numbers. I then double exposed the image with an iPhone shot of my wife.

After the iPhone 7 campaign, Laurence invested in a Sony digital camera but continues to shoot with both cameras interchangeably.  In 2017, Laurence won the Street Photography category in the Mobile Photography Awards.

This photo was shot in Shinjuku, Tokyo during a typhoon. In the photo a woman walks past some green neon holding an umbrella.

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