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Vintage collages of Marie Conigliaro

Marie Conigliaro uses analogue collage to create rich layers of playfulness and irony, recontextualizing the ephemera of old into something arresting and new. Born in Danbury, Connecticut, she received her interior design degree Cum Laude from Paier College of Art, and took a job in design for a large architecture firm. After the 2008 crash, she decided move into construction management so she could step back from design and explore more artistic outlets for her creativity. Today, Marie resides in Denver, Colorado, working as office manager and accountant for a local architecture firm, focusing all her creative energy on vintage collage making.

For me, analogue collage is not only a depiction of the fragmented nature of the world we live in, but also of its togetherness. By focusing on combining the disjointed and juxtaposed elements of this world and beyond, my work seeks to create rich layers of playfulness and irony that contextualize the ephemera of old into something arresting and new.

Although I rarely set out to produce specific artwork, thematic threads inevitably emerge. Utilizing space and nature imagery provides an organic and natural familiarity to my work, while vintage elements spawn a nostalgic look and feel. Mixing grayscale imagery with pops of color breathes new life and freshness into images, creating a play on duality and an alchemical transformation from one state to another. Relying mainly on my intuition, I assimilate dualistic elements to create an image that resonates with me in the moment. Often the results are simple and quirky, but sometimes they contain a more sober, philosophical undertone. Either way, the work is complete when a strong connection is made with the image created, and particularly relevant during a time when everything, it seems, is borrowed.

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