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Visual artist Marina Lauar

Marina Lauar is a Brazilian visual artist. She develops her artwork in Fine Art Photography, where she uses a pictorial language to construct of her narratives. As a plural artist she  appropriates elements that expand formal photography and allow the mix of printed photography with other gestures and techniques. She finds in the portrait an appropriate field for her discussions and critical reflection, which she builds through minimalist and potent images. Her research currently circulates between the deconstruction of already rooted stereotypes and her own self-perception.


A pause, an interval, between the known and the unknown. The world is experiencing a great interlude formed by desperate echoes.

I have been a photographer for six years and I had never considered the possibility of producing photos without worrying about their quality; without control under the light, the photometry, the direction of the camera. I heard the echoes, inside and out, I realized it was time to shake those pillars. Time to take a chance, to face myself and say: you can't control everything, but the distance is a place that doesn't exist.

Thus the project of photoperformances was born, obtained through the capture of a screen in a video call.

I have color control, solid, present, firm. The identity. We can define the act, the movements of the body, the opening of the windows, but we will never know what will result. A painter without a brush paints with his finger; without a frame, use paper. The finished series is almost a miracle. Within this miracle I reinvent myself: artist absorbed in the midst of chaos. Experiencing, seeing in the other the need to cry through the express body, the political body, the social body, the present body. Crossed body to meet Soul.

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