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Visual artist Saleh Zanganeh

Born in 1983 Saleh Zanganeh is an Iranian visual artist and graphic designer. He received his M.A in graphic design at IAUCTB (Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch, Faculty of Art and Architecture) in 2014. Currently he is a part-time lecturer in Gorgan art colleges and higher education institutions and also working as an art director and designer in his own studio (@studiozanganeh). His main passion is working on social and cultural issues and in this case he has participated in many exhibitions, festivals and biennials in the country and abroad so far such as USA, Germany, Poland, France, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, China, Serbia, Greece, Macedonia, Mexico, Peru, South Korea, Taiwan and Turkey. He has participated also as a member of the jury in 4 international poster festivals in France, Russia, Peru and Turkey. Saleh Zanganeh is a member of IGDS (Iranian Graphic Designers Society) since 2010 and a member of Institute for Promotion of Contemporary Visual Arts.

After graphic design, drawing and painting is the most important hobby in these days of my life! I’m really interested in linear drawing so, I begin my artworks with this fascinating style of drawing and sometimes I add them some colors to express more motions. Colors are also limited. Although in most of the artworks I had a live model, but sometime I try to go far from reality to reach surreal part of my mind.

In my artworks, figures, especially women, are not happy! Maybe for their condition in my country and the influence of this condition over my mind! I think, this special situation, gives a dramatic sense to my figures, just like a dramatic poem; maybe a dramatic visual poem!

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