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Visual artist Victor Fitz

My recent abstract compositions are inspired partially by my casual and pedestrian fascination with theoretical physics. Quantum Field Theory, String Theory, and the Everettian "many worlds" interpretation of quantum mechanics influence these efforts (just please do not ask me to do the math).

They are also attempts to create objects that allow the viewer to explore the physiological sensation of vision. There are approximately 120 million rod cells and 6-7 million cone cells in the human retina that send signals to the brain. I believe there may be configurations of compositional elements that allow the sighted to experience vision as a real feeling, less encumbered by language, that are nonetheless readable as indexical signs pointing to human effort and existence.

Along with these abstract works, I have also animated three music videos for They Might Be Giants. A playlist of those videos can be found here

I currently live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and watch after a cat I call Cheddar.

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