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Visual Designer Luís D'Alkmin

Luís D'Alkmin is aVisual Designer and Graphic Artist, exploring the gestual precise between the conventional and digital techniques

D'Alkmin works are a combination of scenes. From sci-fi, politics, urban escapes, thriller and crime. He was a pioneer introducing digital tools to illustrate and create visuals for many editorials in magazines such as Playboy Brazil, Veja, SuperInteressante and VIP all from Abril Publishing Group, the largest in South America.

He also got involved with comics, advertising projects, animations for television and photography pieces over the years working as a Visual Designer. Fom him, creating visuals is like directing a movie: to rely on photography, experiment with different scenarios, lightning all converge into his creative process.

His online publications have been around com a decade now, introducing him as a intense and experimental artist in understanding digital art and working with 2D and 3D softwares.

Luis lives in São Paulo, Brazil with his wife and daughter, travels often, enjoys a good scotch and good sci-fi literature.

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