Artist Ivan Romanho Cid

Paris 2030 Graffiti Style, Digital Work on Fuji Acrylic Panel Artist: romanho

I was born, raised and educated in Santiago de Chile. I moved to the States to pursue a career on Television but my priorities changed and I became a Contemporary Artist to fully express myself.

I am interested in social issues related to justice and inequality, presenting characters as witness of social disparity, with a narrative that speaks with passion in every brush stroke, taunting directly to the eyes of the viewers and make them think and get inspired.

Elizabeth, Queen of England Graffiti Style, Digital Design on Acrylic Fuji Panel Artist : romanho

As a visual communicator, I began to use tools within my reach that would help me express acutely the feeling of people in the streets and thus my close relationship with graffiti was established. But I went a step further, stylizing in a more inclusive way this art expression.

The texture is very important to give credibility to my paintings, that is why I invented a technique that took me years to perfect to create my own style.The language of graffiti is full of life and hope, it is a cry of pain and anguish from those who feel displaced and seek to integrate with their ideals within a society that is more equitable and that listens to each member of the social fabric.

MAO Graffiti Style, Digital Work on Acrylic Fuji Panel Artist: romanho

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