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Filmmaker Jay Cunningham

I'm an indie film maker, screenwriter and Director from Liverpool England. I have been writing films for many years, and got fed up of sending off to festivals and getting nowhere or pitching and nobody wanted to buy. So I thought sod it, I enrolled in a Screenwriting Masters and my aim was to try and better my craft and become a better screenwriter.

When I finished I knew people still didn't know me, and I knew I had to start making my own films. Luckily there were like minded and very kind people in Liverpool who worked with me to make a few short films and trailers. I learnt so much and then felt I had to go for the feature film. Which I felt wouldn't be too hard if I planned it properly. How wrong i was. I failed multiple times raising the money, didn't raise enough, but told the cast and crew I had. On set an amazing cast and crew came together to help us make a sci-fi based feature film, that many people told me I couldn't do and that we would fail. Will we fail? Who knows? Did i learn more than any course? Too bloody right I did! Would It again? In a fuckn heart beat!

Were on a festival run now, and hoping we get some recongition to help me shoot the other 3 films I have written.

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