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Open Season by Camille Boyer

Camille Boyer, director and production designer, investigates the two-way relationship between a space and the person who inhabits it with her latest short movie: Open Season. The premise of the project naturally blossomed into a personal and moving film. Intrigued by the initial idea, the filmmaker reflected on a question: can our emotions influence a space just as a space has the ability to affect our emotions? Concept exploration led to the creation of this allegory, mirroring the intimate seismic events experienced by the filmmaker over the course of the last year.

The global pandemic and confinement measures inescapably had an effect on people’s intimacy. Exterior disruptions gradually turned into interior turmoils. Cut off during harsh winter months, while the widespread feeling of anxiety was leading us to irrational responses, emotions and reasoning, we easily felt at the mercy of external storms. That’s what the filmmaker attempts to illustrate with these two chairs, stuck in a room and helpless in front of the elements. The two protagonists, subjected to a big wave and deprived of gravity during what seems like a never ending and suffocating period of time, drive the viewer to reexamine life post-storm. What shall remain of the confrontations, the surging of emotions brought by our confined daily lives?

With Open Season, Camille proves once more that an image or a short movie can simultaneously be the result of a flawless technical mastery and still prompt emotions to the viewer.

Camille is an art director turned director specializing in editorial, advertising and fashion. Bold, contemporary and highly graphic, her work features a unique evocative quality. Her keen eye for details and model making skills brings to life powerful design narratives, always focusing on the aesthetic balance between composition, form and colour.

After completing a Bachelor in Applied Arts & Set Design in her hometown Montreal, Camille spent a year specializing at the Academy of Visual Arts of Hong Kong. Through her multidisciplinary background, her work gradually evolved from a cinema practice in Wardrobe & Art departments, towards fashion and still life – embracing her passion for photography.

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