Illustrator Ellis van der Does

A portrait of Kaap, a Dutch DJ.

Ellis van der Does = Ellis D a Dutch illustrator and occasional animator based in London. If you take a trip to 'illustration wonderland' with her, you'll see popping colours and the use of different textures. Her style is clear and she often combines various forms and figures in order to create new stories.

This illustration was used by Dutch philosophy magazine Phronesis as their latest cover. The issue was about education and the main article argued that children’s development can’t and shouldn’t be measured.

Ellis’ textural, graphic style carries across to a diverse range of editorial briefs, stationary design, animated campaigns and a range of personal print projects. Clients include: Vice UK, HP, Disney and Cambridge University. 

I’ve made a series of illustrations called ‘Get Fit With Fruit’ and this grape boxer is one of them

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