Illustrator Michael Uman

Rise Robots Rise. This illustration represents the impending tidal wave of job loss from Robots and AI that the world isn't ready for. Most people aren't paying attention to the fast-moving developments in these fields that have already created changes in job markets. More automation = less work for human beings. People often blame job loss in America to shipping jobs overseas, but the real problem is automation.

I haven't illustrated in a very long time even though I started my career as an illustrator. I gave it up for a long time to focus on being a creative director for Animation and motion graphics.

America the war of words. This illustration represents the divide and ideological battle between the left and right wing political parties in America today.

I recently ( around Halloween this year) felt the urge to create some illustrations for fun and use it as a way to learn Affinity Designer better as a design tool.I've owned Affinity since the beginning but every time i used it I found it slowed me down since i've been using Adobe illustrator forever.

Media Consumption FOMO. This illustration represents the anxiety people often have from not being plugged into their devices at all times and feel the need to consume media continually. Multitasking doesn't work.

Also coming from a design background, I LOVE to include some sort of type in my work. While I have a lot more to learn about Affinity, It doesn't slow down my workflow anymore, and I can get out some ideas reasonably quickly.

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