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All About Manos!

All About Manos a dark comedy is on a roll. Since the last interview on Crazy Mind last summer 2017 the web series is continuing to gain an audience! A dark comedy about a woman who had one date in high-school and that date has never ended twenty years later. Geraldine Santini's love for Vic Manos the one man who got away! The series takes place twenty years later and now Geraldine must convince Vic Manos that she is the one.

Since last summer, three episodes have been launched. The show has won Best Web Series at the NSAEN Online Film Festival, Semi Finalist at the LACineFest and San Mauro Film Festival and is the official selection at the LAWEBFEST in April 2018 and has been nominated for Comedy in Outstanding Lead Actor Alexis LaDelRosa (Vic Manos) and Outstanding Supporting Actor Christopher Chen Jay Spot. and we are an award nominee in Trailer at the LAWEBFEST 2018 at the Sony Studios in Los Angeles CA.

All About Manos is now on three digital online platforms:

Other digital media companies are taking a look at this web series with the hopes of having more episodes. The goal in the future is to shoot more episodes and the web series to develop with bigger locations and storylines. A crowd funding campaign will launch soon. Please visit for all updates.

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